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Veggie by Handl Tyrol

On this page you'll find out more about Handl's Austrian Veggie Snack Sticks.

What are Veggie Snack Sticks?

Handl's Veggie Snack Sticks offer a delectable and guilt-free plant-based delight.


Crafted entirely from plants, these snack sticks provide a wholesome source of plant-based protein, catering to those seeking a nourishing and flavorful snack option.


Free from preservatives, their natural goodness shines through, ensuring every bite is a testament to quality and authenticity.


What's more, these snack sticks are thoughtfully formulated to be gluten-free and lactose-free, making them an inclusive choice for a variety of dietary preferences. Whether you're exploring plant-based options or simply seeking a satisfying and nutritious snack.


Handl's Veggie Snack Sticks are a perfect choice that aligns with your well-being goals.

Who is Handl?

HANDL TYROL stands as an Austrian family-run company situated in Pians/Tyrol/Austria.


The company specializes in crafting authentic Tiroler Speck PGI delicacies, encompassing ham, uncooked sausages & salamis, succulent roasts and innovative vegan products. Serving as a crucial envoy for Tyrolean gastronomic treasures, HANDL TYROL assumes the role of an ambassador for the region.

Driven by a profound connection to its native land, the company adeptly captures the essence of contemporary yearnings for authenticity, natural origins, and a sense of belonging. By aligning itself with the prevailing inclination for regionalism and the longing for a "Heimat," HANDL TYROL has garnered widespread appeal, transcending its Tyrolean roots to captivate diverse audiences.

Evidenced by a robust 60% proportion of exports—a remarkable feat—the company has secured its position as an export leader, fortifying over 700 employment opportunities within Tyrol.

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