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Dal Molise @ The International Pizza Expo

We're exhibiting at The International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas March 19 to 21. We will be showcasing our new line of authentic Italian Burrata and Mozzarella from the Molise region.

Dal Molise represents a collective of 60 dairy farms located in Italy's Molise region. These farms are dedicated to the production of an extensive range of Mozzarella and Burrata specialties catering to both the food service and industrial sectors. The Mozzarella selection comprises an array of options, including pearl, balls, julienne, and logs. Similarly, the Burrata offerings encompass various sizes, available with fillings like Pesto or Cacio e Pepe. All the products are offered in a frozen or individually quick-frozen (IQF) state. Dal Molise is exclusively represented in the US by Abraham of North America, Inc.

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